Book/Booklet “00:58 xy

Art and gastronomy book - Numbered collection.
Les Editions Gerval.

Inspired by the world of art history, Mary-Laëtitia Gerval asked French chefs, including Glenn Viel, to create love menus on artistic themes according to their various identities.

00:58 Xy is an art object presented in a boxed set in the form of a 472-page book with a preface by Michel Onfray.

The interior is made up of 36 chapters, each of which bears witness to the alchemy of the senses particular to each chef and each cult product of French gastronomy.

The "chef" chapters are interspersed with the "product" chapters throughout the book.

87 original recipes :

- 68 recipes created by the 17 French chefs featured in the book.
- 19 recipes made with 19 cult products that contribute to the worldwide reputation of French gastronomy.

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